• Strength

    XES®️ Extreme Bale Net Wrap maximizes strength and resilience through a patented warp-inserted chain structure.

  • Expert team

    XES® products are developed by experts and have been used successfully in agriculture for 20 years.

  • Quality

    The XES® product range is reliable and offers easy handling even under difficult conditions.

  • What does XES® mean

    XES® stands for "eXtreme,Economic and Sustainable"

Why XES® Bale Net Wrap?

For more than 20 years, XES products have offered excellent quality, high cost-effectiveness and the best results in the field. We offer innovative design with greater strength that overcomes the challenges of traditional designs.

Leveraging a direct manufacturer-to-consumer model, we eliminate intermediary costs and provide premium quality net wraps at competitive prices in the US and EU.