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As a U.S.-based company with a strong presence through our European sister company in the European market, we are a dependable partner for retailers seeking top-quality agricultural bale hay nets.

We warmly invite you to join our retail network. Please contact us at We look forward to discussing this cooperation opportunity with you.

Frequent Asked Questions

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Are you a factory or a dealer?

We are the manufacturer.

As the manufacturer, we uphold the highest quality standards, swiftly cater to customer needs, and directly transfer cost savings to our customers.

What makes your bale net wrap different?

We offer a patented design of a unique warp-inserted knitted chain structure on XES®️ Extreme Bale Nets.

  • This innovative design effectively overcomes the challenges of traditional designs, which often face reduced bearing capacity due to weakened fiber strength.
  • The design also minimizes size and weight. It increases shipping capacity per container, driving significant cost efficiencies.
  • The design has proved to improve the product reliability and customer satisfaction in EU market.

Check more details on the product page.

Do you offer any warranty on your bale net wrap?

Yes, we do. We stand by the quality of our product and offer a warranty that covers a minimum of 12 months of UV resistance.

In the unlikely event that you or your customer encounter any quality defects with our bale net wrap during baling or storage, our US after-sales support team is dedicated to resolving any issues promptly to ensure your or your customer utmost satisfaction.

Where are your products manufactured?

Our bale net wraps are made in China and Germany, incorporating advanced technologies from each country.

  • Regardless of the location, we uphold stringent quality standards and ensure the use of the best materials in our production processes.
  • Manufacturer is certified by DIN EN ISO 9001:2008
  • We perform rigorous tensile testing as a part of our quality control process.

Do you offer product customization?

Yes, we do. Feel free to send us your design.

Our design team in Germany may also support you if needed.

We are fully prepared to provide comprehensive technical support materials to aid your sales initiatives or brand promotion endeavors.

Do you offer samples?

Yes we do offer samples shipped from US. Please let us know if you need a sample of our products for your customer.

Due to limitations, we only offer samples for potential wholesale buyers.

How soon could I expect the product delivery?

  • Pallet Orders: Pallet orders are typically shipped from our U.S. warehouse and deliver in a week, subject to product availability.
  • Container Orders: Delivery times can vary based on multiple factors. As a U.S.-based company, we ensure to provide the most reliable and efficient delivery arrangements through domestic trading. Please contact us with your needs.

Our products

We offer even more discounted price on pallet orders.
  • eXtreme - Reliable Products

    • Unique and innovative product design improves nets strength and reduces handling risks.
    • The design has proven increased produce reliability in the European market.
    Product Details 
  • Economic - Competitive Pricing

    • Direct control on factory production eliminates middlemen, resulting in lower prices.
    • We offer high-quality products at competitive rates, passing savings directly onto you.
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  • Sustainable - Global Reach, Local Trust

    • Our US based company ensures a more trustworthy & sustainable supply and after-sales service of bale nets.
    • Our direct control over factory's production ensures quality and consistency.
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