FAQs for Bale Net Wrap - XES Bale Net Wrap

FAQs for Bale Net Wrap

Question: Is XES Bale Net Wrap compatible with all current models of balers?
Answer: Yes, XES Bale Net Wrap is compatible for all current baler makes and models.

Question: What steps can I take if my Net Wrap is not covering the edges of my bales?
Answer: All balers feature a brake tension system for applying pressure to the net during application. If your bale isn't completely covered, you may need to adjust this brake. Please consult your baler machine manual for tensioning guidelines.

Question: Why does my Bale Net Wrap not cut cleanly after application, causing threads to get caught on the belts and rollers when I resume baling?
Answer: Please examine the knife or cutting system to ensure it's sharp or that the cutoff system is properly aligned for even cutting. Your baler's instruction manual can provide specific guidance.


Question: Why is my Bale Net Wrap leaning to one side of the bale and not fully covering the other side?
Answer: This could be due to a few reasons:

  • The net might not be properly centered on the mandrel.
  • There could be an obstruction on the feed rollers, such as hay/silage buildup.
  • The brake tension may need adjustment.
  • Uneven windrows might be causing the pickup to load the chamber unevenly.

For more details, refer to your baler's instruction manual.


Question: How long is the expected lifespan of the XES Bale Net Wrap?
Answer: The XES Bale Net Wrap comes with a 12-month guarantee against UV degradation.

Question: How can I improve the storage conditions for my round hay bales?
Answer: Begin by choosing a well-cleared stacking site, preferably a sheltered location to protect against weather. Using rodent bait stations around the perimeter of the hay stack can also help deter rats and mice.

Question: What measures can I take to extend the storage life of my wrapped hay bales?
Answer: Applying extra layers of Bale Net Wrap can enhance the longevity of stored hay.

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