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Innovative Preservation: The Future of Haylage in Polymeric Film-Wrapped Round Bales


In order to preserve the natural properties of haylage, a ground-breaking method has emerged - the conservation of haylage in polymeric film wrapped round bales. This innovative technique not only reduces dry substance loss during storage and transport but also minimizes the required warehousing space and overall production costs.

Improved Efficiency with Baler and Forage Chopper

By incorporating a baler with a forage chopper, the density of round bales has increased 30%. Meanwhile, the number of layers of bale wrapping film has been reduced to 2-3 layers, significantly cutting down the consumption of polymeric film per ton of forage, by 1.5-2.0 times. Obviously, this improvement extends to the distribution of haylage to animals, where losses have also been reduced.

Developing Domestic Solutions

While this innovative method holds tremendous potential, the cost of importing foreign machinery for round bale wrapping in polymeric film remains a challenge. To address this issue, the research institutes are taking proactive steps by developing their own machinery for this operation. At present, they have successfully introduced machines like the Mounted Mover KP-3.1, Round Bale Handler, Round Baler PR-400, and Round Baler with Chopping Device PRI-400.

The Future of Round Bale Wrapping

The ultimate goal is to eliminate the reliance on expensive foreign alternatives entirely. To achieve this, there are plans to develop and manufacture a specialized round bale wrapper for haylage, designed to wrap it in polymeric film through two rotational motions.


The innovative approach of preserving haylage in polymeric film-wrapped round bales has the potential to revolutionize the stock-raising industry. By significantly reducing costs and improving efficiency, it not only benefits local farmers but also contributes to sustainable agriculture practices. With ongoing efforts to develop domestic machinery and optimize existing solutions, the future looks promising for this groundbreaking technique in the heart of the agricultural landscape.

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